Victim or Victor?

Which do you want to be when it comes to your body and health?

Weight loss excuses put you in a victim mindset and actually keep you from achieving your weight loss goals. It’s time to be the victor; not the victim. People with healthy bodies and mindsets do NOT make weight loss excuses or act like victims, giving away their power. Period.

Happy, healthy, successful people know that while it’s easy to find excuses for not reaching their goals, it actually has the opposite effect. When you focus on all the reasons and excuses for your problems it just creates more circumstances for you to be unhappy about.

Do you blame others for not being able to lose weight – is it your husband’s fault, your children, your poor health, your decreasing finances, your genetics? How is that working for you? Keeping these stories of blame alive NEVER gets you where you want to go.

Do these weight loss excuses sound familiar?

  • It’s not my fault; there’s just so much junk food available at work
  • My husband (wife, parents, friends) tries to sabotage my dieting efforts
  • I can’t fight genetics – being overweight runs in my family
  • I can’t help it; I’m addicted to food
  • I was born with a crappy metabolism
  • I’m too busy to exercise
  • My thyroid is low
  • It’s too expensive to eat healthy organic foods
  • Who has time or energy to cook?
  • I had a baby (10 years ago)
  • My life is stressful and food is the only way I can cope with the stress

You’re right, you’re absolutely right. These weight loss excuses may or may not be true, but you’re using them as justification to stay where you are instead of using this knowledge as a means for change. There’s a lot to be learned in our weight and body issues, but are you placing the responsibility for your health and welfare on something outside yourself?

You’re giving away your power by not taking responsibility for your health and happiness. Take responsibility for your health and well-being and never make excuses or play the victim card – make opportunities out of every challenging situation.

What are your excuses for your dysfunctional relationship with food or your body?
  • Low thyroid? Find a great doctor. A functional doctor or naturopath can help find the right balance of medication and nutrition to bring your thyroid back to health.
  • Family sabotages your healthy food choices? Have a serious talk with them. Let your friends, family, and co-workers know how important eating healthy is to you. Tell them how much their support would mean to you.
  • Don’t live near a gym? Great! Go outside for a walk, join the YMCA and start swimming, ride your bicycle, learn yoga, take a dance class, power walk inside your home. Workout excuses are keeping you in victim mode. Find a way to move that makes you feel good.


No more excuses! It’s time to cultivate a no excuses mentality.

You can change your self-defeating habits just by being aware of them and having the desire to change.

Are you willing to accept responsibility for your success and health goals and commit to a NO EXCUSES mindset?

We have to go from victim to victor in order to overcome our challenges, whether it’s with our health, weight, money, relationships – anything. Accept and take responsibility for your life.

You won’t be able to change your victim mindset if you’re not even aware that you have one. Enlist friends and relatives to tell you when you slip into victimhood. Journal 20 minutes of stream of conscious writing; and then read back what you wrote to identify anywhere you’ve got a victim mindset. Awareness is the first step, then start to change your language.

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