Soulful nourishment is everything that makes life worth living.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, improve your health, have a fulfilling relationship, or a purposeful career – the key to having these things is to bring soulful nourishment into your life.

So, what does soulful nourishment mean? It sounds so woo woo.

It is a little woo woo in that it encompasses the mind, body, spirit connection. If you want to be happy, you can’t just focus on eating healthy, and physical appearance. Getting to your goal weight won’t make you happy for long if everything else in your life is falling apart.

Soulful nourishment is not so much a “how to,” but a general way of being and a state of mind. In this state, your only job is to feel as good as possible RIGHT NOW.  Fall in love with your life. ALL OF IT; not just your body.

Feed your desires, nibble on creative endeavors, snack on connection, and take a big bite of laughter. Fill your days with delicious food, meditation, creativity, music, sunshine, long walks, friends, big hugs, satisfying conversations, juicy novels, and anything that makes you feel alive.

Let go of deprivation, neglecting self-care, abandoning your dreams, and starving your body and mind of pleasure.

I’m not proposing that you’ll be happy 24/7 – that’s just not going to happen. Of course, life’s going to provide you with all the bumps and twisty turns that thrill you and piss you off. The trick is to get off the bumpy road as soon as possible. You can start by asking yourself some questions.


Soulful Nourishment Queries

  • What makes your heart race, gives you butterflies, and thrills you?
  • What makes you feel immensely grateful?
  • When are you the happiest?
  • Where are your favorite places?
  • Who are the people you love to be around?
  • What could you do right now to love yourself?

Nourishment is the antidote to suffering. How are you going to nourish yourself today?

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