Your Quick Weight Loss Search May be Causing Weight Gain

Your search for quick weight loss diets may be preventing you from losing weight and may actually be causing you to gain added pounds. What good is losing weight fast if it’s only temporary? There is no miracle, easy button, or magic pill to take the place of connecting to your mind, body, and spirit, wisdom.

Our culture is obsessed with quick weight loss diets.  Fast and quick weight loss searches practically break the internet every day. As you can see from these Google search results, millions of people are seeking ways to lose weight FAST.

quick weight loss diets

35 million people. That’s distressing!

Instead of searching for ways to lose weight fast, a better question to ask yourself is “how can I lose weight naturally and keep it off without self-punishing diets and deprivation?”

Losing weight isn’t difficult in the short term. But anywhere from 94-99% of people fail to sustain their weight loss over time.

So an even better question, is how do the 5% of people who keep the weight off do it? Those are the people you should be learning from.

Don’t be taking diet advice from large weight loss programs that profit from your repeat business. And certainly don’t take diet advice from friends or relatives who are struggling with their own weight loss goals.

Did you know that your search for a quick weight loss miracle may actually be causing weight gain?

Depending on which report you look at, the average woman spends anywhere from 17 to 31 years of her life on a diet, and a survey reported in this Huffington Post article said that by the age of 45, the average woman has been on 61 diets.

But you don’t need articles, surveys, or statistics. You KNOW this is true because you’re living it. Day after day, year after year you think this time, the diet will stick. This time you’ll find relief from the constant struggle with trying to change yourself.

I know you’ve made the same New Year’s resolution that I’ve made. You’re going on a diet, you vow to go to the gym at least 5 days a week. You throw out all your food (after having one last binge), you stock the Frig with healthy food, and you pray that this time it’s going to work. But by the third month, week, or even day, your need for carbs seems to take over your ability to make healthy choices with healthy eating.

Why? Why does this always happen?

Quick weight loss diets may be to blame. It’s not your fault!


Chronic dieting leads to:

  • Added stress, which diminishes healthy metabolic function and nutrient absorption
  • Feeling deprived, hungry, and dissatisfied
  • Unhealthy fears – of food, pleasure, losing control, being judged
  • Unwanted symptoms such as digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, moodiness, decreased sex drive, low immunity, and binge eating.
  • You can’t be truly nourished when you are in a constant mode of restriction
  • The perpetration of your lack of self-worth, self-judgment, and self-hate

It makes sense that you can’t stay on diets for long with outcomes like these.

Another reason quick weight loss diets fail is the “all or nothing” plan of attack. This was certainly true for me. The fast, drastic change in my eating habits and lifestyle was just too much all at once.  It kept me on the diet treadmill year after year, hoping that this time, I wouldn’t screw it up.

Finally, after decades of this punishing cycle, I realized that diets were not the answer. And especially not quick weight loss diets.

So what did work?

Instead of trying to change my so called bad eating habits, I just slowly started adding in some good habits.

  • I added organic food choices wherever I could. This woke up my taste buds and I started to feel like I was taking positive action on my health journey.
  • I started eating higher quality foods without chemicals and preservatives.
  • I exchanged prepackaged Lean Cuisines for homemade foods with real ingredients.
  • I learned how to use the appliances in my kitchen. The slow cooker and food processor became my friend. I learned how to use my oven instead of the microwave.


Looking for fast relief actually prevented me from the results I was looking for.

I started making food swaps. I switched honey, Stevia, and maple syrup for sugar. I swapped iced green tea for diet soda, and I added snacks like nuts, seeds, and fruit throughout the day so I wasn’t starving and reaching for carbs late at night. Food started tasting better, I felt satisfied, successful, and curious about what other positive changes I could make.

This was easy. Doable.

Instead of revamping my entire world overnight, I made small incremental changes over the course of a year. Yes, a year! What good is quick weight loss if it’s only temporary?  For me, giving up gluten, sugar, and dairy (slowly) was a natural progression. It came about by experimenting and being open to listening to my body’s wisdom.

My new healthy eating habits weren’t because I was looking for quick weight loss, it was because I was curious and excited to build on the momentum of these changes and felt better than I had in years. I was stunned at how great I felt without having to turn my life upside down.  I no longer had joint pain, sinus headaches, heartburn, or skin breakouts.

It felt like magic

And I didn’t have to give up delicious foods and I didn’t have to feel hungry. In fact, I was eating more than ever.

As an Eating Psychology Coach, my mission is to help you put an end to this life-long chronic dieting madness once and for all. And this starts by showing you that diets don’t work and may actually be having the opposite results you’re looking for.

Obviously, I’m not talking about someone who goes on a healing diet for medical reasons or someone who goes on a short term diet to lose 5 pounds for their class reunion. You know who I’m talking about – those of you who have an ongoing relationship with restriction, deprivation, yo-yoing, and are ruled by the scale.

The light bulb truly turned on for me when I realized that the constant struggle to change myself was part of the reason it took me so long to overcome my dysfunctional relationship with food and body image.

It took me 45 years to figure out how to let go of my weight struggles. If I hadn’t been constantly looking for the quick fix or the new diet solution and had just relaxed and accepted myself for where I was, it wouldn’t have taken decades to overcome my food and diet issues.

But it did take decades. And that’s okay too. It took as long as it had to for me. And your road to body freedom will take as long as it needs to for you.


Quit the Quick Fixes. YOU KNOW THEY DON’T WORK LONG TERM. List 3 small changes you can make today to add healthy eating into your life. This isn’t about getting rid of a “bad” habit; it’s about adding in some new good habits. After a while, when you start to look and feel amazing, the unwanted habits will disappear without the pain and struggle.

Learn how to stop dieting and have the life and body you deserve.

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