Do you have a negative or a positive body language?

You want to be thin and healthy. Who doesn’t? Do you know the difference between you and those who have the bodies and health they desire? It may be as simple as the language you speak. Do you have a positive body language?

Your language creates your life. Your language becomes your reality. So, watch your mouth!

Does this sound familiar?
  • I should stop eating pasta
  • I’m addicted to food
  • I have no willpower
  • I’m ugly
  • I’ll be happy when I lose this weight
  • Food is bad
  • I have no control around food
  • I’m weak
  • I hate my thighs
  • Everything I eat ends up on my hips
  • Calories are the enemy
  • If people really knew me, they wouldn’t like me
  • I need to lose 20 pounds
  • I failed a thousand times at losing weight
  • I have to go on a diet

positive body language

You can feel the low energy associated with these statements. But what if you changed your language?

What are some examples of positive body language?

  • I choose to eat delicious healthy foods
  • I’m so fortunate to have an abundance of healthy foods available to me
  • Food is not my enemy; food nourishes me
  • I get to eat foods that make me feel great
  • I am loveable just as I am
  • The scale doesn’t define who I am
  • I am a beautiful person
  • I love myself even as my body is changing
  • I trust my body’s brilliant wisdom
  • My body is a freaking miracle!
  • I love taking care of my body
  • I am enough
  • I’m not broken and I don’t need to be fixed

Watch your language. You may say “this is just the way things are”. But one person (you) can impact our culture, especially in this social media crazy time we live in. Don’t be part of the problem. Don’t belittle yourself or talk endlessly about dieting or your fat thighs.

If you dread going on a diet or think of healthy foods as punishment, how long do you think you’re going to last before you head for the ice cream?

It’s time to stop punishing yourself with food – junk food, diet food, too much food, or not enough food. Healthy eating doesn’t mean existing solely on lettuce, kale, and fat-free yogurt.

Eating healthy should be:

  • Real nutrient dense foods that taste fabulous
  • Pleasurable
  • Not the center of your universe; it’s just food
  • A privilege – be grateful for the abundance of healthy food you have access to
  • About setting boundaries – what percent of your day is consumed with eating, thinking about food, or feeling bad about what you’re eating?

Change your language and beliefs and watch how your relationship with food changes. Change your language to change your life.


How do you change your thoughts and words when they’ve become so ingrained in your life?

  • Enlist your friends and family to let you know when you start using negative language and self-talk.
  • Practice positive body language. It’s easier to add new habits than to change unwanted behavior. So start speaking and writing your new story. The more you do this, your old story will start to fade away.
  • Journal your thoughts on your body and food history without monitoring yourself. When you finish, read your words to find any negativity or toxic self-talk. This will give you a clue on where you need help. For instance, if you wrote “I just look at food and gain weight”, rewrite your story in a new way, such as “my past results don’t have to be my future”.
  • Learn why dieting doesn’t work from this free e-book.

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