Fear, Focus, and Faith

Do you know what the single biggest barrier between you and everything you’ve ever wanted? FEAR! Learning how to overcome fear is one of the best things you can do to have peace, happiness and well-being. This doesn’t mean eliminating fear; it means learning to live with it and thrive with it.

There’s no great mystery to getting what you want. Financial freedom, weight loss, perfect health, and fulfilling relationships have all been achieved by many people. Millions have been successful at manifesting these things and there’s a proven path we can take to achieve them. As the saying goes success leaves clues. You can all have these things if you just make some simple changes in your life.

So, why don’t you?

  • Why don’t you eat the food that will give you the right body size and vibrant health?
  • Why don’t you get the education, make the contacts, or do the research that will land you your dream job?
  • Why don’t you say and do the things that will ensure happier relationships?

You know what to do, so why aren’t you doing it?

The answer is fear. You are afraid of:
  • Rejection
  • Failure
  • Success
  • Being fat
  • Food
  • Gaining weight
  • Being out of control
  • Not being loved
  • Aging
  • Intimacy and sexuality
  • What others think

You’re afraid of all kinds of things that prevent you from being who you truly are. You’re afraid of taking any risks that will take you away from your safe world, but your safety often comes at a very high price.  As a result, you let the world pass you by as you sit in your perceived safe cocoon.

You can’t bring the things you want into your life if you’re afraid or stressed.
  • The fear of food and body fat is keeping fat on your body
  • The fear of not being loved is keeping you from being loved
  • The fear of not having enough money is keeping dollars from your bank account

Chronic self-imposed fear keeps us in survival mentality instead of thriving mentality.

Do you use food for comfort when you feel afraid or unsafe? This can be a smart way to overcome fear in the short term, but it can pose problems if you use this as a long-term strategy. Food isn’t meant to be a substitute for safety, love, or purpose. So, what are the best ways to overcome fear? What simple things can you do to break free from your fears?

The answer can be summed up in two words: Focus and Faith

Focus on what you want. Most of us tend to focus on the lack of what we want. We think about not having enough money, problems in our relationships, or our overweight bodies. Any time you are entertaining negative thoughts it is based on fear.

Instead, if you focus on how you want things to be, you can actually change the dynamic. When you focus on positive outcomes you will be presented with solutions instead of problems. Changing your focus is really just a change in your habits. When you start noticing yourself worrying, complaining, or thinking negatively, just stop and remember to change your focus to your desired outcome.

If you want to have a healthy, thinner body, focus on how that would feel. Think about what your life would look like when you inhabited that body. Would you be more active? More confident? Would you be eating differently?

Have faith that what you want can be yours. Recognize that you ALWAYS have a choice in how you perceive the world around you. When you have faith in a higher power, you know that there is only a source of well-being and that when you have a thought that is negative or fearful you are not in alignment with that greater source within you.

Let go and believe that the money, or the job, or the man, or the healthy body will be yours. Let go of the ridiculous idea that worrying is beneficial.

Do you think that if you expect the worst, you won’t be disappointed or shocked when the worse thing happens? The opposite is actually true. Doubt and worry will NEVER lead to your desires.

Self-imposed fear and anxiety puts you in a stress-response. This stress is causing the exact thing that you’re afraid of. If you’re afraid of gaining weight, stress actually causes digestion shut down, lower metabolism, and weight gain. It’s time to let go of this fear. Your fear IS the problem. How?

3-Step Process: How to overcome fear and negative thinking:

  • ONE: Determine if your fear is rational or irrational (self-imposed). Most of your fears are exaggerated and don’t pose a real threat. These are the fears that are causing stress and anxiety and are keeping you from what you want.
  • TWO: Accept your fear, embrace it. Fear is part of life. You can stay on your couch all safe and comfortable, but if you want a big, bold, bodacious life, you have to get off the couch and face some of your fears. EVERYONE has fears; you’re not alone. Every time you conquer one of your self-imposed fears it gets easier the next time. Practice is the key for kicking fear’s ass!
  • THREE: Finally, think of the best case scenario as a result of facing your fear. Most people focus on the worst –case, and that prevents them from moving forward. What will happen if you move forward despite your fear? What will happen if you let fear stop you from moving forward; how will you feel? Are your fears about food and weight shaping your relationship with food and your body?

When you discover how to overcome fear you will be amazed at how fast your life improves.

Action: It’s time for a fear inventory. First write down all your fears – big and small. Which fears are impacting the quality of your life? Go through the 3-step process above by selecting one fear at a time and journaling about it as you move through the process.  Remember, this is a practice. You can’t just read this; you have to take action!

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