Gaining back weight is predictable for 98% of dieters

Learn how to be part of the other 2%

98% of people who lose weight end up gaining back weight.  Who are the 2% of people who can sustain their weight loss over time? What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

What’s their secret? Don’t you want to be in the 2% club? There’s no calorie counting, weighing in, or depriving yourself of delicious food in this club. And it’s not as difficult as you may think.

The 2 Percenters know:

  • Weight loss success is not just about food. Yes, nutrition is important, but it’s just part of your story. It’s probably only 50% of the total weight loss story of your life.
  • Losing weight is not about rigorous exercise. If you’re exercising for the sole purpose of losing weight, it’s probably not going to do much good in the long run. Is running marathons or spending hours in the gym sustainable? Movement is important, but it has to be the kind of movement that brings you pleasure. Throw out that “no pain no gain” mentality.
  • Being the best you can be is more important than eating kale and kefir. Living a life full of love, purpose, and service is the path to the body you want. If you have a full and meaningful life, you won’t have to substitute food to fill the void. Gaining back weight won’t be an issue when you’re living a bigger, bolder life.
  • Your mind and body connection is the key to having the life you want.


inside mirror

Your Inside Mirror

You are really good at examining your external body. You can look in the mirror and easily see and attack cellulite, belly rolls, back fat, arm wings, muffin tops, gray hair, wrinkles, pimples, age spots, no thigh gaps, etc. You look at these things, panic, and then try to “fix” them. You can buy a cream to lighten the age spot and you feel good when you can see the improvement. It’s satisfying when your fixes show tangible results.

But what about your internal mirror? Often, you don’t work on your inner world because it’s harder to measure. There’s no black and white instructions; no calories or points, no creams or potions to help improve your inner world – your internal mirror.

However, nothing can bring you greater results than looking internally to understand who you really are. You’re not just a size or an age. You’re an amazing miracle. You’re unique, eternal, and worthy of all life has to offer.

Making external changes without making internal changes is a recipe for short term success only. This is why 98% of people are gaining back weight a year after losing it.

Focus on your mind and body connection in order to be part of the 2% club. Who are you? You are so much more than your outside shell. You know what to do to improve your health and weight. But your “why” is what will get you there. Having a healthy body impacts every single aspect of your life – career, relationships, intimacy, finances, self-confidence, parenting, EVERYTHING. Journal about all the ways that having a healthy body and weight will impact your life. Why is it important to you to be part of the 2% living with vibrant health and well-being?

Live a Bigger, bolder, lighter, freer life.

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