The consequence of eating junk food that no one talks about –The delusion of Invincibility

How did I survive my childhood eating junk food every day?

Pop Tarts, Captain Crunch, Coco Puffs, McDonalds, TV Dinners, SpaghettiOs, Cheese Wiz, Twinkies…

I can’t believe I’m still alive.

How did I survive my childhood with this diet? How did millions of us survive this? And what are the effects of bad eating habits during childhood? Are we doomed to continue these poor habits as adults? If eating junk food is so bad for us, how come we survived these fast food years?

I feel like I need to go back and apologize to my childhood body for making it work so hard to offset the nutritional blitz I put it through. I want to thank my body for overcoming this abuse of poor nutritional choices.

The good news is that there’s a gap in time before we see the results of our poor food choices (sometimes many years). This is good, otherwise we’d all drop dead from childhoods laden with Coke and hot dogs. So, there’s plenty of time for adopting healthy eating habits.

The problem is that we start to feel invincible when we eat junk food for years without consequences. And then it seems like overnight, things change. You may start to see weight creep on, or be unable to lose weight like you used to, your skin starts to show distress, your digestion acts up, you get tired easily and brain fog becomes a daily occurrence. All kinds of health problems can seem to pop up overnight, but it’s likely the result of years of nutritional abuse.

It’s almost shocking though, just how forgiving our bodies are.

Forget the past. Even if you’ve spent years eating junk food, you can start showing your body love beginning now and you will see changes within days or weeks.  Unwanted symptoms will disappear quickly when you start showing your body some love. Good nutrition goes a long way to improve your digestion, immunity, skin, energy, body weight, quality of sleep, sex life, vibrancy, and it can help with allergies and reduce your dependence on prescription medications.

When we’re younger our bodies can handle the abuse we put it through. It’s time to be an adult now. Show your gut some love. Love yourself enough to treat your body the way it deserves.

pledge to eat healthy

I promise to treat my body with love and respect from here on out. I pledge to:

  • Make healthy eating choices at least 80% of the time.
  • Eat slower to help metabolize food more efficiently and to enjoy the food I’m eating
  • Choose foods that make my body feel good and avoid foods that I know my body doesn’t like (most of the time)
  • Eat real food as much as possible – not processed, sugary, pre-packaged foods

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