5 Stages of Switching to Eating Healthy

We all know that eating healthy food is essential for having a lighter body and vibrant health. But often, it can feel like we’re going through the 5 stages of grief when we transition to a healthy diet.

  1.  Denial. There’s 2 camps of denial:
  • You’re in denial that you have a food problem. Have you ever gotten on the scale and were shocked to see a 5, 10, 25 or more pound weight gain? How can we be surprised by such a big change in our body? How can we not notice?
    • You wear baggy clothes so you don’t notice the weight creeping up.
    • You don’t see any changes in the mirror or you try to avoid the mirror altogether. Action: Take a photograph. So many of us are shocked when we see ourselves in photos. When we look in the mirror (especially at home) we get desensitized to our image and don’t see ourselves the way we really are. Action: Do mirror work. This has tremendous benefits to get us to embody and eventually learn to love our body.
  • You’re aware that you have a food and body problem, but you’re in denial about what it will take to overcome it. “I’m not eating kale”. “Organic food is for rich people”.

2. Anger. Well, there’s just so much we could be angry about when it comes to food. Here are some possibilities. You’re mad at:

  • The government and large corporations for filling our foods with GMOs, sugar, and a ton of chemicals
  • The medical community for throwing drugs at us instead of teaching us about nutrition and how it effects our health
  • Grocery stores for stocking up on chemical-filled, unhealthy foods.
  • The diet industry and all the so-called experts who can’t agree on anything and make you feel like it’s your fault when you’re confused and don’t know where to turn.
  • Your parents for your DNA that’s responsible for your large thighs, and flabby arms
  • Yourself for not taking better care of your body. You’re mad at yourself for letting this happen and not getting help sooner.

3.  Bargaining. We’ve all been here, making deals with ourselves and with God. “If I lose the weight I promise I’ll get my life together, go to church more often, help the needy…”

4.  Depression. This may be too strong of a word. Maybe you’re just feeling a little sad. Sad that you have to say goodbye to your old way of eating. Sad that you have to say goodbye to the foods you love. You’re going to miss pizza night, and eating junk food with your friends. How will you cope without that giant muffin with your Starbucks in the morning? You’re really going to miss enjoying that glass or two of wine. Eating healthy feels like a great loss in your life.

5.  Acceptance. Okay, now you’re ready. You’ve hidden your head in the sand, you’ve raged, and you’ve cried. You’re ready now. This is a beautiful place to be; this is where transformation happens. There is no growth and transformation without acceptance. Accepting where you are is the first beautiful step to getting where you want to be.


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