The best weight loss programs don’t have a name

The most popular or best weight loss programs may have the most followers, but not necessarily the most successful clients.

Have you tried Atkins, Paleo, vegan, ketogenic, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Dash, or Whole 30? Are you constantly looking for the latest dieting fads?

These are just a smidgen of all the weight loss diet programs available these days. There are probably as many different diet programs as there are people in the world.

Some diet plans have been around for years and some are fads that only last until the next diet craze pops up. It’s not that any of these diets are good or bad. It’s that they force you to follow a set of rules that keep you in diet consciousness. These so called best weight loss programs say “this is the way you have to eat in order to get what you want”.

And then of course you know what happens next, right?

The rules are too strict so you “cheat”. You’re hungry so you “cheat”.

Then you feel guilt, shame, or frustration because you “failed”.

Or you did lose the weight, but slowly start going back to your old eating habits. Then your weight comes back with even more pounds than you started with.


The best weight loss diet programs offer short term results at best

The problem with most named diets is that they assume that there’s a one size fits all method of eating that works for everyone. Every diet guru out there thinks their way is “the way”. Why? Most likely, it’s because it’s worked for them or someone they know.

Another shortcoming of these diet programs is that there’s too much focus on calories, points, pounds, and data. Their measure of success is pounds or inches lost. This is where the diet industry causes harm.

Our success shouldn’t be measured by a number on the scale or the size clothes we wear.

What if you measured success by how good you felt or whether you have a healthy relationship with your food and body? 

What if being happy and healthy was the yardstick for success?

These weight loss diet programs claim to help you with your unwanted weight, but the weight is just a symptom of an underlying problem that these programs never address.


Underlying problems for unwanted weight may include:

  • Toxic beliefs about nutrition or your self-worth
  • Fast unconscious eating
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Meals lacking macronutrient balance
  • Dealing with stressful life transitions such as divorce, job loss, or health crises
  • Using food as a substitute for love, purpose, or connection

There are so many good reasons why you hang on to your unwanted weight. Counting calories will not help you get to the root of these reasons, so success will be short term at best.

And how many of these so called best weight loss programs actual measure sustained success? These diet programs thrive on data, but fail to measure the most critical numbers – how many people keep the weight off over time.

Do they ever tell us how many people on their program kept the weight off for the rest of their lives? I’d love to see those numbers. If everyone was successful the first time on these diet programs, they’d soon put themselves out of business.

Somehow, when you fail on these diets you’re made to feel that it’s because you lack willpower or you’re lazy. Bullsh*t!

I suggest creating your own way of eating that doesn’t have a name. Or name it after yourself. I go by the Gale Diet. Pick and choose the best foods that work for you; foods that are healthy AND delicious. Select foods that won’t make you want to “cheat”. Forget rules, calories, and scales.

Diet liberation isn’t possible if your worth is tied to the scale.

There is no failure on YOUR personal diet plan. There’s only experimenting and learning to love food and how you feel after you eat the food.

Action: Ditch your diet if it has a name. Create a personalized healthy eating plan that fits in with your preferences, health issues, lifestyle, and desired outcome. And most importantly, do not restrict or deprive yourself of nutrients or pleasure in the name of weight loss.

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