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As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, I help women overcome challenges with chronic dieting, overeating, binge eating, body-hate, emotional eating, and weight issues.

I am a teacher at heart, and when I find something that’s life-changing, I feel compelled to share it with the world. Also, we often teach what we need to learn and I’m still on this journey of learning to be loving and kind to myself around food and body image.

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I spent decades struggling with my weight issues. DECADES!!

My mother took me to a doctor for diet pills when I was 12 years old. Looking back, I wasn’t even that overweight. What do you think it says to a child when they’re told that their current body weight isn’t “normal” and needs to be fixed? This lead to one failed diet after another.

I want to go back to the little girl and young woman in these photos and tell her how freaking amazing she was. She was kind, generous, smart, and funny. She was beautiful!

It was a huge eye opener for me to realize that the longest and strongest relationship in my life was my dysfunctional relationship with food. But this awareness finally helped set me free.


After I retired from a long corporate career, I started becoming fascinated with the field of nutrition and weight loss from a mind, body, spirit perspective. I knew my issues couldn’t be just about the food, although it was certainly part of it. This is when I found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I found the mind-body connection that I was missing all these years. I knew I wanted to help other women overcome their dysfunctional relationship with food and diets like I had, so I became certified as an Eating Psychology Coach.

I am so happy and honored to do this work and to help others learn to become their best selves.

Am I a size 4? No. Hell, I’m not even a size 14. And I don’t care! It feels so freeing to be unconstrained by a dress size or number on the scale. My body has lost weight and several sizes, but it’s done so organically, without misery and struggle. I have more weight to lose, but I know that won’t happen by going back into the diet mentality prison I was in.

I feel lighter in body, mind, and spirit. I have more energy and self-confidence. But the best thing is that I feel the thrill of finally overcoming a lifelong struggle with trying to fix myself. My mission is to help you find this freedom also.

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